Darkness Will Not Be Too Long



After the sun sets in the afternoon, 


The moon and the stars began to shine


but they too must leave very soon,


For the sun will come back after dawn.



Getting To Know Me :)

I’m a student and I am very interested in literature, music, science, math, social networking sites, technology, and as well as the internet. I am the kind of person who is friendly to everyone. I am very interested in learning new things. I want to become a well known writer in the future. I want to share my insights and ideas about a particular thing. Reading and writing are my hobbies. Books have become part of my life. I love browsing the internet. I want to explore new things through the used of technologies. Technologies like mobile phones and computers are my favorite stuffs.

My goal as of now, is to develop my capabilities and skills in the internet. I want to explore the wonders of computers. I have this strong desire to build a firm foundation in the field of internet.I am also looking forward to do my best in my studies, so that I could obtain the highest honor in our school. I know that little by little I can achieve these temporal goals in my life. I believe that as I pursue to make these dreams come true, I am molding myself to be more prepared to make my greater goals turn into reality.

As a youth, I have many challenges that are blocking my path to success. One of these problems is poverty but I will not let that word to be a hindrance to my success. Although, I encounter a lot of problems, I will try to cheer myself up and I always try to be positive. I am the eldest, and I have five little siblings. My family has hope a lot from me and that hope is enough to make me keep going.

I have achieved a lot of things in this early stage of my life, these accomplishments are mostly about education. I’m an honor student of the Special Science Class. I have been sent to a lot of contests, mostly concerning academic. And one of the greatest achievement that I considered the most is, currently I am holding the highest position in the Supreme Student Council. I am the President of the of the entire Apas National High School. I am aware that being at the certain position is a great privilege and at the same time it has a great responsibility.

As of now, I am engaging myself in the social networking sites and in the internet through the EYEWEBMASTER, an online company that is a website developer and offers many services about computers. Through this, I know that I am taking my steps toward success.